Ensemble SP

Boutique de Pensee Magique

2005, CD-R

[Verato Project]


ENSEMBLE SP [aka SALIkaPALIKAU] comes with another album, as usually - electro-acoustic reflections and synthesized drone stuff. "boutique de pensee magique" contains some field recordings, droning vibrations, electro-acoustic lapse, environmental eclectics. one piece is done with collaboration with other lithuanian sound artist GIRNU GIESMES.








Ensemble SP


2004, CD-R, lim. 33

SP + [Drone Records]


The lithuainian experimental-ambience group (known as SALIKAPALIKAU, now calling themselves ENSEMBLE SP, also involved in WEJDAS) with a great release, combining floating drone-ambience with more machine-like noises, concrete sounds, deep low pulses, strange processed voices out of the ether... all mixed down together well. Recommended for experimental drone/ambience - lovers ! This edition: only 33 numbered copies made in ultra-handmade cover especially for Drone Records !!!











Ensemble SP

Live at Klaipeda 2004-03-09

2004, CD-R

[Perineum prods]


"mechano and space ambient, very nice and cosmic, a cool travel into time and space. Soft and mellow atmospheres, a world of dreams, Lithuania" [GiaG webzine]

"40 minute live set of fractured electronics and roadside ambience. Disembodied voices, unidentified sounds and scratchy rhythms meld beautifully to produce a wonderfully uncomfortable mood. Too often noise music is concerned with power and with bludgeoning the listener with it's macho posturing (it's the heavy metal of experimental music) and that's fine but it's also cool when an outfit, like this one, comes along and adds a different dimension to the genre. There's a huge variety of sounds encased within the 40 minutes with each evolving out of or interacting with the others so smoothly that it takes several listens to fully appreciate just how well constructed this is. Recommended" [ECR review]



















2003, CD-R

[Blade rec.]