„Out Of The Nightmare/Back To The Dream"

7'' ep



After his debut drone / ambient album bridge that leads nowhere, Lithuanian composer gys produced two new especially suggestive tracks. This is a hypnotic trip to transitional states: between sleep and wakefulness, day and night. This is a travel to the twilight and its secrets, of both nature and subconscious. This short album marked by genius reminds a certain transformation. Opening with sombre anxious accords, the album ends with total immersion into the state close to deep sleep. The album has been released in the heaviest brown 7 inch vinyl.









„Bridge That Leads Nowhere"




SABLE MOUVANT is a music project coming from Lithuanian artist GyS. The project may be classified as hypnotic drone ambient. The first album titled Bridge That Leads Nowhere perfectly conveys gloomy, melancholic world where the prevailing trends include reduction, extinction and impalpability. Compositions of Bridge That Leads Nowhere are very slow and solid, their monotonic vibes are the source of a weird hypnotic feeling. Here we have live and pulsatile drone ambient where the track names precisely represent their mood best described as solitude and isolation. SABLE MOUVANT music offers a full dose of Gnostic unknowability, cryptic atmosphere. It is best suited for listening in derelict wastelands, while meditating invisible, elemental and indeed pervading supernatural reality that uncompromisingly regulates the evolution of all worlds known and unknown. The album will please anyone who's not indifferent to the music of Jarl, Moljebka Pvlse, NWW, Kammarheit.