Gytis Skudžinskas - Born in 1975 in Lithuania, works and lives in Vilnius. In 1999-2003 he studied at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Klaipeda Department of Visual design, in 2005 he was awarded the MA of visual arts. Since 1999 he has taken part in group exhibitions. In 2006 he became a member of Lithuanian Photography Union. In 1995-2005 he took part in the art action group SaliKApalikau (aka Ensemble SP). Since 2013 he works as curator at Lithuanian Photographers Association.


In his works the author uses different forms of expression - photography, drawing and installation. In the recent times he chooses photography more often - the way of constructing the view which allows not only to create a piece of art but also a multilayer presentation with the shade of authentic documentary.


Gytis Skudžinskas photographic works as group or solo shows was presented in Lithuania, Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine, Czech, United States, China, etc.


Author photographic series was published in thre author books - "Silence", "Album" and "Some Thesis on Photography". As well published in many compilation books, magazines and exhibition catalogues.


Gytis Skudžinskas is one of co-founder of artistic publishing platform "NoRoutine Books".



2015 "Possible Images", Siauliai Art Gallery, Siauliai, Lithuania;
2015 "Silence", Villa Ruch, Zingst, Germany 

2015 "12 Theses on Photography", Vilnius Art Academy museum "Titanikas", Vilnius, Lithuania;

2014 "Few Theses on Photography", Si:said gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania;

2014 "Album", Kazys Varnelis house-museum, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2013 "Silence", Panevezys Photography Gallery, Panevezys, Lithuania;

2012 "Silence", KCCC, Klaipeda, Lithuania;

2012 "Practice of Seeing", Kaunas Photography Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2011 "Silence", "Prospekto" gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2011 "In Between", Kunstraum: Morgenstrase, Karlruhe, Germany;

2011 "Traces 011", WerkStadt Kulturverein Berlin e. V., Berlin, Germany;

2009 "Traces 007", Panevėžys Photography Gallery, Panevėžys, Lithuania;
2008 "Crumbs", Klaipėda Photography Gallery, Klaipėda, Lithuania;
2008 "Traces 006", Vilnius Photography Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2007 "Traces 003", A. Mončys House-Museum, Palanga, Lithuania;
2006 "Traces", Klaipėda Photography Gallery, Klaipėda, Lithuania.



2017 "Non distinctive moments", Inside-out museum, Beijing, China;
2017 "BYOPaper", Arles, France;
2016 "Quiet Life. Modern Lithuanian Photography", Manngha Museum, Krakow, Poland;

2016 "Požiūris į senovinę fotografiją", Siauliai Photography museum, Siauliai, Lithuania;

2016 "Post Scriptum", "Prospektas" Photography Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2014 "Grain of Photography", Kaunas Photography Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2014 "Ein Haus in Arkadien", Neues Kunsthaus, Ahrenshoop, Germany;

2013 "LT Pinhole photography", Harbour Art Centre, Irvine, Scotland;

2013 "Sound Around", Club REPORTIOR, Kaliningrad, Russia / Contemporary Art Center LAZNIA, Gdansk, Poland / KCCC, Klaipėda, Lithuania;

2012  "Horizonte Zingst", Zingst, Germany;

2012 "Circulations", "le Belvedere", Uriage les Bains, France;

2011 "Mladi Lituvski Fotografi", "Off Festival Bratislava", Bratislava, Slovakia;

2011 "Present: Eastern Europe Photo Strateges", Exposition Hall "Titanikas" of Vilnius Art Academy, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2011 Art Fair "Art Vilnius", Vilnius, Lithuania;

2011  "Circulation(s)", Cote Seine, Paris, France;

2010 "Photosopy", Gallery "Prospekto", Vilnius, Lithuania;

2010 "Imaginary History", Estate of Užtrakis, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2010 "LT Pinhole Photography", A. Moncys house-museum, Palanga, Lithuania;

2009 "Black Hole", Rodchenko Photography and Media Center, Moscow, Russia;
2009 "Personal Language", Klaipėda Exhibitions Hall, Klaipėda, Lithuania;
2009 "3x3. Young Art", Neues Kunsthaus, Ahrenshoop, Germany (traveling exhibition) also in CCCK (Klaipeda, Lithuania), Konstmuseet Ystad (Ystad, Sweden);
2008 "Variable Spaces", Giedre Bartelt Gallery, Berlin, Germany;
2008 "Carrying a Watermark", Lithuanian Center, Warsaw, Poland;
2008 23th Brno biennial, Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech;
2008 "Own / Alien", Ya Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine;
2008 "Migrating Reality", Galerie der Kunst, Berlin, Germany;
2007 "Klaipėda: the 7 Cities", Photography Gallery, Klaipėda, Lithuania;
2007 "Enter V", Šiauliai Art Gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania;
2006 "Our Identity in Community"", Gallery "Arsenal", Poznan, Poland;
2006 "Jeune Creation Europeenne", Theatre de Montrouge, Montrouge, France (traveling exhibition) also in Klaipėda (Lithuania), Salzburg (Austria), Genoa (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Amarante (Portugal);
2006 "Time", Edsvik Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden;
2006 "Sound zone", M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania;
2006 "Restart", CCCK Gallery, Klaipėda, Lithuania;
2005 "Virus X", Šiauliai Art Gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania;
2004 "Seas", Public Places, Klaipėda, Lithuania;
2004 "N 1", Oldtown Dominion, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2004 "Center 4", M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania;
2004 "Golden Youth", Šiauliai Art Gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania;
2003 "Parallel Progressions 3", Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2002 "Fears. II Act", Gallery "Arka", Vilnius, Lithuania;
2002 "No Problem", Gallery "Naujieji skliautai", Vilnius, Lithuania;
2002 "Town Identity", Museum of Photography, Šiauliai, Lithuania;
2001 Photo exhibition, Museum of Photography. Šiauliai, Lithuania (Kodak prize);
1999 "Sound and image laboratory", Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania.


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2014 Kunstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop, Germany;
2013 Contemporary Art Center "LAZNIA", Gdansk, Poland;
2009 Kunstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop, Germany.